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Frequently asked questions about the general information

Until what time can I arrive?
There are various different options available to you if you arrive after our reception’s opening hours. Reception is open until 19:30 hours during the summer holiday and until 17:00 hours at all other times. Always let reception know (0118-582820) if you’re going to be arriving after this time. However, do bear in mind your latest arrival time is 22:00 hours.

  • We can leave your key in a safe if you have booked rental accommodation. Your reservation number is the code ending with #.
  • You can make your own way to your pitch, providing you have informed us of your registration number in order for the barrier to be lifted.
  • You can always call us via the intercom until 22:00 hours, should you have any problems with the above.

Where can I park my car?
You can park your car at the campsite. There are various different car parks at the campsite. The fields must be kept car-free. The campsite works with a registration identification system. You can enter your registration number before you arrive via

We will be arriving with a 2nd car. Where can I park this?
A possible second car can also be parked at the campsite free of charge. You can inform us of the details at reception. Any guests spending the night with you who don’t form part of your family will need to pay a visitors’ fee per night and can subsequently also park at the campsite. Please provide us with details of any such visitors at reception. Any guests not spending the night can use the visitors’ car park.

Where can I leave my trailer?
Please leave any trailer you are bringing along with you at your pitch or in the visitors’ car park.

I will be welcoming guests. Do I need to register this?
Any visitors coming along for the day can leave their car in the visitors’ car park. They can park here for free for the first 2 hours. The parking costs will be a maximum of €4,50 per day (until 23:00 hours) if they are staying for more than 2 hours. Your guests can use all of the campsite’s facilities, with the exception of the swimming pool. Swimming pool wrist straps can be purchased from reception (€3,- p.p. per day), should your guests wish to use the swimming pool. Any visitors staying overnight always have to be registered at reception. The costs per person for an overnight stay are €6,05 p.p. per night and €4,50 for the car per night. Please note: no more than 6 people can spend the night on one pitch.

Is WiFi available on the campsite?
Yes, WiFi is available on the campsite. You can make free use of this without a code. The wifi code for accommodations can be found in the meter cupboard or behind te TV. Please note: the network isn’t suitable for business or professional use. 

Are the facilities at the campsite publicly accessible?
The campsite facilities, such as the swimming pool and the (indoor) playgrounds are only accessible for our guests and any of their possible visitors. The restaurant is, of course, publicly accessible.

Are barbecues permitted?
You are only allowed to barbecue on our fields if you do not cause any nuisance to your neighbours. Open fires are not permitted.

Are young people allowed to stay at the campsite?
Young people travelling alone are not allowed to stay at campsite De Pekelinge. We also won't allow groups of adults, in order to avoid any nuisance to other guests. The same also applies to children who want to make use of a caravan or chalet without their parents being present.

Is the campsite accessible via public transport too?
The nearest train station to Oostkapelle is Station Middelburg. From this station you will need to take bus 52 towards Domburg Singel. You need to get off the bus at the Molenweg Oostkapelle stop, which is the stop following Grijpskerke. You’ll find this next to the Pannenkoekenbakker (Pancake House) on the junction with the Oude Domburgseweg. The walk to the campsite at the Landmetersweg is just over 1 km from this bus stop. This will take approximately fifteen minutes.

During which periods will an entertainment team be on site?
An entertainment team will be on site during all the regular Dutch school holidays and all weekends. Please visit our website for up to date information. You can also book your activities in advance via

Which target group is our campsite aimed at?
Children up to 14 years old will have a fantastic time at Campsite De Pekelinge. There is a swimming pool, various playgrounds (both indoors and outdoors), a kids club, a petting zoo, a theatre and many different activities are organised. Many of the outdoor activities are specifically aimed at children from 8 years old.

Is it possible to rent bicycles?
We have a variety of bicycles available to rent at Campsite De Pekelinge. We would recommend booking these before your arrival via Of course you can also book these once you have arrived, subject to stock.

I have a booking and want to cancel it.
We hope this won't be necessary but if you decide to cancel the reservation, the following cancellation conditions apply:

Bookings 2020:

  • In case of cancellation more than 4 weeks before arrival: down payment will be refunded minus € 40 cancellation costs
  • In case of cancellation within 4 weeks before arrival: 90% of the rental price is due

Bookings 2021: (these are the Recron conditions)

  • In case of cancellation more than three months before arrival: 15% of the rental price is due plus € 40 cancellation costs;
  • In case of cancellation within three to two months before arrival: 50% of the rental price is due plus € 40 cancellation costs;
  • In case of cancellation within two to one month before arrival: 75% of the rental price is due plus € 40 cancellation costs;
  • In case of cancellation within one month before arrival: 90% of the rental price is due plus € 40 cancellation costs;
  • In case of cancellation on the day of arrival: 100% of the rental price is due plus € 40 cancellation costs;

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