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There is so much to do at Camping De Pekelinge that you really don’t have to go anywhere else. Nevertheless, it is worth it to go out. Camping De Pekelinge is situated on the lively peninsula of Walcheren, the heart of Zeeland. But because the camping is located away from all the hustle and bustle, this immediate area is quiet and calm. When you are on the Westkapelle Zeedijk, it becomes clear what it means to live below sea level. Walcheren is not only suitable for calm activities but also for more active pursuits. Some examples of the various activities: walking, inline skating, cycling, horseback riding and water sports. Please, feel free to drop by reception to inquire about the various possibilities on the peninsula.

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From the camping it takes you a 15-minute walk via Buiten Pekelinge estate to get to the village of Oostkapelle where you will find various shops and restaurants. Of course, you also go to Zeeland for the beach. If the weather is good, you can enjoy the sun, but even if the weather is not so nice, you can still enjoy the beach en the fresh air and wind.

Did you know that the beautiful broad sandy beach of Oostkapelle is only 3 km away from the camping and that is has been in the Top 10 of cleanest Dutch beaches for many years?

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Domburg is the oldest seaside resort of Zeeland. In the old days, guests came here for their spa treatments, but nowadays, Domburg has a lot more to offer. During the summer, the shops, restaurants and outdoor cafés are bustling. When you visit Domburg we recommend you take the Mondriaan route, to get a good understanding of the life of painter Piet Mondriaan.

Did you know that Domburg is only 6 km from the camping?

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The capital of Zeeland: Middelburg. A day in Middelburg is a day full of culture. Middelburg has the most monuments per m2 in of the Netherlands. You can still experience the rich history of Middelburg during a walk through the city centre, climbing the Lange Jan and during a boat tour of the beautiful canals.

Tip: visit the Zeeuwse museum to admire the historic art treasures

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When visiting Vlissingen for the day, you should definitely take a walk along the boulevard to experience the naval atmosphere of the many ships sailing by. From the watch tower the Arsenaal you can overlook Vlissingen and its surrounding area. During your visit, discover the Keizersbolwerk (Emperor’s Bulwark) with a bomb-free walking route and the remains of the Gevangentoren (Prisoner’s Tower).

Tip: want to find out more about life on and around the water? Then the Arsenaal maritime museum is definitely something for you!