Surprising nature

Stunning nature reserves

When thinking about a holiday in Zeeland what will come to mind mostly is the beach and the sea. The name Zeeland speaks for itself because the land is actually in the sea. It’s fantastic for walks along the broad beaches, get some fresh air or even take a refreshing dive. But the beach is not the only thing that makes Zeeland such an attractive holiday destination. There are also two stunning nature reserves at peninsula Walcheren that are both well worth a visit!

  • Damherten

Nature reserve Oranjezon

Nature reserve Oranjezon is a habitat full of flora and fauna created by the water, the forests, the dune grasslands and the dunes with their thick brushwood. During a visit to the area, you could easily run into some roe deer. Nowadays, quite a large number of fallow deer have made the area their home. In the autumn, migratory birds come looking for the berries that can be found here in abundance. There are several walking routes through the area of which no less than 3 are signposted.

Tip: at the entrance you will find a small exposition with information about the history of nature in the area.

  • Kasteel Westhove

Nature reserve De Manteling

Nature reserve De Manteling can be found in the north of Walcheren. It is a unique forest because it was shaped by the sea wind and it protects the northwest part of Walcheren against the cold winds coming from sea. This used to be an area where rich merchants had a house, but nowadays it is a protected nature reserve. Visitors come here mostly to walk around and enjoy nature. You can take a walk back through the forest after a day at the beach, or rather, towards the beach.

Tip: in the Mantelinge you will find Westhove Castle which is well-worth a visit.